Windows File Recovery Software

Windows is regarded as the most widely operating-system by computer users and it supports wide range of applications to work compatibly on it. Windows 7 is the latest version of operating system released by Microsoft. Windows OS utilizes two recognized file systems to store and manage data on hard drive from the computer. Usually data is stored in different files on hard drive of compute like documents, folders, excel sheets, presentations, emails, zip files, digital photos, music files, video clips etc. Hard disk is divided into certain number of partitions to store such data.

Have you ever lost the files from windows partition because of some unfortunate situations like deletion, formatting, corruption, etc? Finally you might turn out losing your valuable data present on Windows PC. You do not need to worry, make use of some effective software available online to bring back your files. File recovery software is one such powerful tool, which will help you to achieve data recovery on Windows PC in few software clicks. Accidental deletion of files could happen whenever you use “Shift+Delete” keys wrongly while using them on Windows computer. Emptying of recycle bin can erases files from hard disk drive memory. Improperly using cut and paste commands on system leads to deletion of files. There is also possibility of deleting files from Windows command prompt.

You may accidentally format some healthy partition on instead of some other partition on hard drive of Windows PC. Formatting may delete the partition and cause loss of data. Sometimes intentional format of particular partition is required to ensure it is totally free of viruses and corruption. Formatting erases data from partition marks the space occupied by deleted files as free and makes it ready for storing new data. After reformatting any partition on hard disk you may end up losing files present on that partition, in case if you had forgot to take back up of data from reformatted drive. Trying to locate free space among existing partitions, resizing the partitions to create new partition on hard disk can deleted existing partitions on hard disk drive and results in data loss. Using Windows Disk management Utility or 3rd party tools to create new partition on windows computer can also lead to deletion of partitions from hard drive.

Improper shut down of system, sudden power changes, corruption of data due to virus attacks, software failures may lead to loss of files from hard drive. Whatever may be the cause for loss of data from hard drive; this data recovery software will recover different type of files from Windows PC using their file signatures. This recover file software program is suggested by many people industry experts to extract files from hard disks, external hard disks, USB drives, iPods, flash memory cards, etc on Windows OS. It uses in-built advanced algorithms to recognize and recover more than 300 file types from hard disk. Download and install the free trial version of this tool on Windows system. Follow few basic steps as shown by its interface to retrieve your lost/deleted files.