Ways to recover data from formatted hard drive

Many times the users will lose their important files on account of accidental formatting of the hard disk drive. Formatting means erasing complete data from your drive. In case if you have lost data after formatting hard drive, you will get worried because you feel that the files have ended forever. But it’s wrong. You can get back formatted data by using advanced recovery tools like formatted disk recovery software. It is designed by the experts which have a strong recovery engine. It has a capability to restore all files from the formatted hard drive.

Before employing a hard drive you should format it. Formatting can prepare a hard disk for storing data because it assigns new address table. After formatting the hard disk, the operating system also assigns the unhealthy sectors to prevent data loss in future. If you’re formatting a blank hard drive the first time, there is absolutely no problem. However, if you might have formatted the significant hard disk, you’ll lose all stored data from it. Still, they can be recovered since just they’re invisible towards the user. To recoup them, you should use drive data recovery software. Applying this supplication you’ll be able to recover data from WD my passport drive, FireWire drives, hard drive etc.

You can also lose data when virus entered into your computer. The herpes simplex virus can corrupt your hard drive or deletes some files. The virus infected files could be deleted from the antivirus without intimating you. If your hard disk is corrupted on account of virus attack, you’ll want to format it, to work with yet again. But after formatting, you’ll lose all files saved in it. So, it is highly recommended to set up quality antivirus software to prevent loss of data from virus attack.

There’s also an additional situation where one’s computer will make you format USB drive after connecting it to the PC. The reason being the file system of the drive could get corrupted. The USB drive gets corrupt in case if you have ejected it improperly through the system or occurrence of disturbance during file transfer. Once the drive is corrupted, it will not permit you to access any data from it but one can recover these data by making use of reliable file recovery software.

The data recovery software could also be used for those who have lost data because of partition corruption, accidental deletion of files, emptied Recycle Bin, operating system crash, power failure, vacation tools etc. To recover files, first, it scans complete drive using inbuilt scanning algorithm. You can also save the recovery session, in order that you shouldn’t have to rescan the drive after activating this software. It can recover photos, files, songs, text file etc from your formatted drive. It can be created in such a manner that it should recover files from hard disk under all data loss scenarios. You can download a trial version of it through the company website and evaluate file recovery results.translation from norway to english