Restore Data from Acer Aspire Hard Drive Partitions

Acer is among the leading brand for manufacturing desktop/laptop computers, Android Tablets, etc., and Aspire is the series of Acer which also covers both desktop and laptop computers. So, most of the users around the globe prefer Acer Aspire system to store, access and share various types of files with ease. A user can also store a set of files in a particular partition i.e., an HDD can be segmented into two or more logical drives that are called as partitions. But due to several reasons, the logical drives might get deleted or lost from Acer Aspire computer which intern leads to huge data loss.

Usually, the user thinks that the data stored in missing or deleted partition is gone forever, and it can’t recover back. But it is not true!!!! Because, a computer drive which is lost or deleted due to different reasons can be easily restored, and then you can find and get back all required data from it. Now, the question may arise, “How to recover Acer Aspire partition after loss or deletion”?

Do not panic!!! In the current era, you will find a relevant solution for a particular problem that is, lots of recovery tools have been developed to perform partition recovery Acer Aspire. But, to carry out a safe recovery process or restore data from Acer Aspire hard drive partition in an efficient manner, you need to choose a highly recommended tool such as Partition Recovery Software. This promising application is best among all available utilities in the market for recovering files from Acer Aspire HDD partitions. But, before getting into this process, let’s know how the logical drives of Acer Aspire system get deleted or lost, and you may lose data from it;

  • The Acer Aspire logical drive can be extended or shrink using a relevant third party tool, or Windows built Disk Management utility. But, choosing unreliable utility, or performing the wrong operation can lead to deletion of existing partition which intern results in data loss from it.
  • If Master Boot Record (MBR) gets corrupted due to some known or unknown reasons, then there are possibilities that, the logical drives become inaccessible or they may also go missing from the system which causes huge data loss.
  • Similar to files, you may even delete the partition accidentally and lose data from your Acer Aspire computer. Also, while re-installing the operating system, if you delete a drive without data backup, or choose and delete a wrong drive, then it results in loss of data from your system.
  • The partition table contains all the information about the logical drives that is, size, location, etc. So, if it gets corrupted due some logical reasons, then there are chances for the partition to get delete or loss from your Acer Aspire computer.

Virus attack, intentional deletion, use of unreliable third party tools, errors while reformatting/repartitioning the drive, etc., are also the reasons for loss or deletion of logical drives. Well, you may also lose data from Acer Aspire system due to other reasons, and some of them are as follows;

  • Anti-virus scan
  • Interrupted data transfer
  • Bad sectors on the hard disk
  • OS crash
  • Damaged HDD
  • Unintentional/Intentional format
  • Aged drive
  • Improper cut and paste operation
  • File system corruption

Safety precautions to avoid loss or deletion of partition/data from Acer Aspire computer

Follow proper instructions to perform the reformatting operation. Scan Acer Aspire hard drive on regular time interval to keep it protected from virus attack. Cross check the selected partition or list of files before performing the delete operation. Avoid using unreliable third party tools to resize existing partition as it may corrupt the file system. Make sure that, you selected a correct partition during OS re-installation. Always keep backup of your most valuable data in an external storage device so that, you won’t be in trouble under any circumstances.

If you lose partition or data from Acer Aspire computer even after following the safety measures, then don’t be tensed!! Because, with the help of this powerful utility, you can effectively retrieve files from Acer Aspire hard disk partition.

Why use this software?

Partition Recovery is an excellent and globally accepted tool for retrieving data from Acer Aspire HDD partition. This utility has the capacity to restore files of various types like pictures, RAR files, documents, videos, spreadsheet, compressed folders, music files, EXE files and more. It scans the entire Acer Aspire hard drive within a couple of minutes and recovers entire files from it. This tool offers secure, quick and simple process. Both technical and non-technical users can make use of this prominent utility to know more about partition recovery Acer Aspire. It supports ExFAT, NTFS, FAT, HFS and HFSX Acer Aspire hard drive (SATA, IDE and SCSI) partitions. Apart from Acer Aspire, it also supports other branded desktop and laptop computers like Samsung, Dell, etc. This award-winning software is compatible on various versions of Mac and Windows OS like Windows 10, 8, XP, 7, Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, also Mac Mavericks, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Lion, leopard, Mountain Lion, etc. It also facilitates you to recover data from USB drives, memory stick, iPods, external hard disk, CF cards and more. Its preview option enables you to view recovered drive partitioned data prior to restoration.