Know How to Recover Deleted Photos

How to recover deleted photos from hard drive? It is a common question encountered by many users, when they lose their memorable photos. Generally, when the files are deleted from, it does not mean that the data cannot be recovered completely or partially. Data written on your hard drives stays on it until and unless it is overwritten by new data. Deleting photos using file management utilities does not permanently delete them from the hard drive. It only removes the pointers that are used to point or locate that data physically over a hard drives. The photos are still there and it can be recovered using special photo recovery tools.

The Most Common Scenarios that Causes Photo Deletion or Loss:

Photo Deletion Using Shift+ Delete: If you have deleted photos using Windows Explorer then need not worry. Because, when you delete photos from hard drive using Windows Explorer then they are moved to Recycle Bin so that you can restore them if you want those photos back. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete photos using “Shift + Delete” keys resulting in data loss. Deleting photos using “Shift+ Delete” keys does not move your photos to Recycle Bin instead; they bypass the Recycle Bin resulting in loss of photos.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Sometimes, you may accidentally empty the Recycle Bin resulting in loss of files. If you have stored some important photos in Recycle Bin then accidentally emptying Recycle Bin completely deletes all the data stored in it resulting in loss of photos.

Bypassing Recycle Bin Files: Normally, Storage capacity of Recycle Bin is 10 percent of hard drive. If Recycle Bin gets full then it starts deleting old files. If you have some important photos in Recycle Bin then they may get deleted when Recycle Bin gets full resulting in loss of photos.

The efficient way to avoid loss of photos is taking backup of those photos. If you have backup file then you can easily restore lost photos from it. If you have not taken backup already then stop using that drive from where your photos have been deleted. Because, when you delete a photo, allocation information of that specific photo is destroyed making that space available for storing new data. If you save or copy new data to that drive then it may overwrite photos, which are still present on hard drive resulting in permanent loss of photos. Therefore, avoid using that hard drive and use reliable photo recovery software.

Some Unique Features of Recover Deleted Photo Software:

  • This powerful tool recovers deleted photos from different types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI and IDE .
  • Along with photos, this software can also recover different types of files based on their unique signature and also you can also edit or add the signatures of files that have been not listed.
  • This software can recover accidentally deleted photos from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted partitions.
  • You can also recover photos that bypass the Recycle Bin. You can download free demo version, where you can view list of recovered photos in recovered data list. If you find you deleted photos in that list then use full version of the software to save recovered photos.