Instructions for how to recover photos those are deleted or lost from storage medium

Today we take photos for established. Photos are our memories of happy moments spent with dear ones like holiday trips and parties. A sudden increase of digital cameras and places to share photos such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram signifies that our lives today are documented. Usually people use various storage devices such as portable hard disk, USB flash drive, flash memory card, compact flash card, and hard disk drive etc for storing the digital photos. However, sometimes you may face some photo loss situations due to various reasons. Digital photos may get delete or loss from the storage media due to various disastrous situations. In such kinds of circumstances, people may suffer because they do not know how to recover photos those are being deleted or lost from storage medium. However, nothing to worry it is possible to recover deleted or lost photos from storage medium by making use of good third party photo recovery software.

Most commonly, people use digital camera, camcorder, and mobile phones for capturing the images. Usually these portable electronic devices use memory cards as a storage media for storing the digital photos and videos. However, memory cards are more prone to corrupt or damage and hence resulting in loss of digital photos and videos. The loss of digital photos on the storage media may take place due to various situations that varies from avoidable situations, which are in user control, like accidental deletion of photos from other storage medium, accidental formatting of memory card to unavoidable situations, which are not in user control, like corruption of memory card and photos deleted by certain applications. Some regular causes for photo loss on storage medium are listed below.

  • Accidental deletion of wrong photos from other storage media that is connected to a computer.
  • Photos may get delete while scanning the storage media with antivirus software.
  • Photos get delete on Windows network shares.
  • Deletion of photos on the hard drive by pressing ‘Shift + Delete’ keys on selected photos or folders.
  • Loss of photos due to incomplete photo transfer when the Cut command has been used.
  • Digital photos deleted by certain applications.
  • Accidental deletion of digital camera photos by using ‘Delete All’ option.
  • Accidental formatting of digital camera memory card using ‘Format’ function.

As the majority of people are aware, photos that are deleted from your PC or other storage media, do not get erase permanently from storage medium. Since a photo is deleted only the pointer to that particular photo is deleted making it inaccessible. However, the photo is still intact at the same location that it existed before and operating system marks this disk space as empty and reusable. As a result, it is possible to restore deleted or lost photos from storage media, until a new data overwrites on it, by making use of good photo recovery software. Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is a proficient photo recovery software, which can effectively retrieve deleted or lost digital photos from various storage medium like memory card, iPod, USB flash drive, portable hard drive, and hard disk drive etc. Demo version photo recovery software free download facility is available to understand software features.