How To Recover Windows 10 Partition Data ?

Hi everyone! I am distraught after unintentionally deleting one of the four partitions in my system. The deleted partition contains very important documents which I cannot bear to lose .Is there a solution to recover lost partition data in windows 10, keeping the files intact?

Often we hear and  even encounter problems of recovering data from the deleted partition in different versions of windows. We are human beings and are bound to make mistake, but not retrieving lost partition data is not a myth.

Scenarios leading to data loss :

There are many situations which may lead to a situation in which you accidentally delete a partition which may lead to data loss.

Power surges or failure while data is being read/written to the disk can cause the partition to disappear or lead to damaged and corrupted data. Converting the system files may also lead to data loss.

Virus and malware attacks can cause the corruption of the header of the partition and thus the damaged partition disappears.

  • Installing /reinstalling system files using malicious/third party utilities can cause loss of data.
  • A file may be corrupted while reallocating the free space to the other partitions may lead to data loss. Corrupting the information while performing multiple OS or dualOS installation instantaneously may lead to corrupted data in the disk.
  • A partition may get corrupted or damaged due to number of damaged sectors in the RAM. Error in the logical structure may also lead to corrupted data.
  • Unintentional formatting or unwilling deletion of partition from windows disk management utility or third party utilities.


About software


There are various software through which one can easily retrieve lost partition data . But the hard drive partition data recovery for windows 10 is an complete solution to all your data loss worries which arise due to different conditions. It allows us to retrieve and fetch damaged/corrupted partition data and supports internal or external hard drive .





Features :

  • Recover and recognize more than 300 file types may be word, PPT etc depending on their unique signatures.
  • Recovers data from deleted/damaged RAID partition including (RAID0, RAID1 , RAID5) partitions.
  • It supports various file system FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS and are capable of retrieval of lost data.
  • The search results are displayed in a sorted order depending upon their file types, date modified, date created and size which can be viewed even while the search is not complete using the “preview” option.
  • Searching for a particular recovered file is made simpler by “find” that enables us to filter our search.
  • Provides unique feature of “save recovery session” and “open recovery session“ allows us to pause and resume according to our ease , bypassing repeated scanning of the whole disk, which curbs time increasing productivity.
  • The recovered file can be viewed on the basis of their extension by “File type view” and “data view”.
  • Enables file recovery incorporating ADS(Additional data stream) attribute from NTFS drive. Recovered files can be compressed to ZIP format so as to reduce space.


Recovering lost/deleted partition :

Step 1: Select the “Partition recovery” to retrieve lost/deleted partition.

Step 2 : Select the drive from which files are to be retrieved and then click “Next”.

Step 3 : the software scans through the system finally displaying the list of available partitions. select the partition and click “Next”.

Step 4 : The recovered files are displayed once the search is complete which can be viewed using the “Preview “option and later you can save the retrieved files.



This data retrieval software comes with an unique feature of “First try ,Then buy “. The demo version of the software is available free to download .