Best Tool to Recover deleted PSD files

It’s quite usual that you may delete an important file by mistake from your computer because of unexpected reasons. If you face such kind of situation, you do not have to worry because the Recycle Bin is always there to hold all your deleted files and other files like PSD files and save it for further use. You can restore your deleted files in just a matter of time. Recycle Bin acts as just one if your ordinary folder that holds deleted PSD files within your computer. You can find all deleted files inside the Recycle Bin. You just need to right click the file and select the restore option. The PSD file will be restored to its original location where it was earlier saved, and it can be used immediately.

It is very easy to find a file in a Recycle Bin that you want to retrieve back to the hard drive. Unfortunately, if you empty Recycle Bin then the files in the Recycle Bin get deleted. If you do not find any file within the Recycle Bin then also you can recover deleted PSD files, Word files, Excel documents etc. by employing PSD file Recovery software. Make sure that you should not delete any more file, because it may overwrite the files that were saved within the memory.

Common scenarios due to which files gets deleted:

Accidental deletion: Sometimes you may delete unwanted files along with that you may also delete other files accidentally, using Shift Delete key. However, these files will not be present in Recycle Bin and you cannot restore them. But in case if the Recycle Bin is completely fullit does not go to the Recycle Bin the files get deleted from your hard drive directly. This is the most common fault as you delete the files and think it will be present in the Recycle Bin since you have not used “Shift+Delete”. Due to this huge amount of data loss may happen.
Third party tools or Antivirus scanning: The main function of the anti-viruses is to remove virus along with the files which are infected by the viruses. At times it may delete files that are from fake sources and might taint your system. If at all your hard drive contains any file like this, whenever you are scanning it with an antivirus, unknowingly the files get deleted. It even bypasses if the Recycle Bin is full.

Deleting files from Pen drives or hard drives: Whenever you delete an unwanted file, you may unknowingly delete the important files on the pen drive or hard drive. It will bypass the Recycle Bin directly and you cannot relocate it on your storage device. for more information visit:

 The features of PSD file Recovery software:

  • This application can easily retrieve PSD files from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS and HFS+.
  • This application permits you to preview recovered PSD files before restoring the data.
  • It is easy and it is not require much technical knowledge for operating the tool.
  • This third party tool can retrieve files from hard drive brands like Sony, Western digital, Seagate.

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