Best Recovery Software to Rescue files from Storage Media

With the increase in digital technology, there is a great demand for storing various types of information which is related to your daily life. In order to store the data various well companies have developed different storage medias such as hard drive of a computer/laptop, flash memory card, external HDD, USB flash drives and many more.

However under certain conditions, files such as photos, video clips, documents, audio tracks, etc. from your data storage devices like memory card, iPod, digital camera or hard disk may get lost or deleted as a result of accidental deletion, file system corruption, formatting the drive and many other unknown causes. This might make you to face huge loss of your memorable photos stored in the device.

Are you unable to access your precious photos from the storage device?

If the answer to the above question is yes, this is the right place where you can restore your data back by making use of the best recovery software. This tool will help you out to retrieve deleted or lost photos or other file types from any storage device in a secure manner. Now you might be thinking how the photos after deletion or loss can be retrieved.

The data recovery is possible. Because when you delete any file from your storage media, the device doesn’t wipe the file instead of that it will only remove the pointer from the file allocation table (FAT). Thus the actual file will still remain intact on the same memory slot of storage drive which can be recovered by using picture recovery software. The one thing which you have to do after losing data is, stop storing or adding any new files to your storage media from which data has been lost. This is because if you add new files then your deleted or lost files will be overwritten which makes data recovery more difficult.

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Let us take a look at few of the reasons of data loss that occurs on storage device:

  • Malware or virus attack on data storage device can corrupt the file system of storage device making the stored files inaccessible resulting in loss of files.
  • Formatting the storage drive from camera or when plugged to a computer without taking backup of saved files can cause huge data loss.
  • Software conflicts or invalid entries in file location may lead to generation of logical errors which in turn make the files stored on the hard drive of a computer unreadable leading to loss of data from hard disk.
  • Making use of same flash memory card on different computers, mobile phones or cameras can also result in device corruption thereby causing data loss.
  • By mistake deleting some files or folders from hard drive while deleting some unwanted files could lead to loss of crucial files.
  • Unplugging the external storage device improperly without using proper exit option might make you to suffer severe data loss from external drive.

To cope up with all these scenarios, follow some basic rules which can avoid the occurrence of these scenarios in the future.

  1. Disconnect storage drive properly by the use of “Safely Remove Hardware” option.
  2. Use reliable voltage regulator to prevent sudden power failure.
  3. Install effective antivirus tool to avoid malware attack on PC.
  4. Always keep backup of precious photographs and other vital files.

These precautionary measures will help to avoid data loss situations to some extent. There are times where still users lose their valuable files and folders due to any of the above reasons.  No need to be panic!!! Just try the best recovery tool which can also be used as the best picture recovery program. This software works well on both Windows and Mac operating system computers.

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Download the free trial version of this tool and do the installation on the hard disk of your PC. Then double click the shortcut desktop icon to run the tool and choose suitable file restoration options which you face while utilizing the tool. After completion of the process you can estimate the software’s performance and if you get satisfied you can get its complete version available online.