What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CC?

Adobe Photoshop is used to create production quality designs and other images on your mobile devices and desktop. It can get instant access to all your assets such as Adobe Stock images from right inside Photoshop. By continue reading this article, you can see how the latest Adobe Photoshop CC helps you to quickly turn any motivation into unbelievable work with new efficient features for web and app design, print and graphic design, and photography. New Adobe Photoshop CC is released in 2015 with new exciting features for photographers and designers to create quality images in mobile devices as well as desktop which are listed below,

New adobe photoshop cc

Artboards: One of the major changes is that Photoshop CC supports for artboards. The artboards utility works in the same way as Adobe Illustrator which lets Photoshop user who work on web apps and mobile creates several artboards for various layouts in a particular document.

Creative Cloud Libraries: This is powered by Adobe Creative Sync which intelligently syncs files, colours, settings, vector graphics, photos, fonts, brushes, metadata and so on which is creating with the help of creative assets directly accessible in the right format across desktop, mobile and web applications.

Adobe Stock: Adobe stock is a content service has been integrated into Creative Cloud Libraries and Linked Assets which is giving you access to forty million stock images.

Design Space (Preview): Design Space (Preview) is designed as a new design experience inside Adobe Photoshop which is efficient for the requirements of web, mobile, UX app designers. It’s an HTML5 or CSS or Java Script layer built on top of Photoshop. To enable Design Space (Preview), choose Preferences option and select Technology Previews and then select Enable Design Space (Preview).

Export Artboards, Layers: You can now export layers, layer groups, artboards and Photoshop documents as PNG, PNG-8, JPEG, SVG, or GIF image assets.

Layer styles: It is used to apply multiple effects such as strokes, drop shadows, color overlays, inner shadows, gradient overlays, and so on to a single layer style. You can also apply some effects with more than one instance in layer style.

Device Preview: Adobe Preview CC is an iOS friendly application which gives accurate and accurate in-context previews of web designs and mobile apps on an iOS device in real time. You can make the association between Photoshop and Preview via USB or wireless connection on the same Wi-Fi network.

Blur Gallery | Restore noise in blurred areas: You can apply a Blur Gallery effect which makes blurred areas becomes synthetic or unnatural. You can now restore noise to a blurred picture area to offer it a more reasonable appearance.

3D printing: You can export 3D models as SVX or PDF files. While indicating the 3D print settings you can select Print To: Local and then choose SVX File or PDF file as the printer.

3D imaging: The 3D menu has a new command as 3D > Simplify Meshes which lets you decrease the count of triangles in a mesh to a new manageable number. The command reduces triangles to as your wish by giving number algorithmically while trying to keep the reliability of the model. This development is useful for decreasing the difficulty of a file in creation for 3D printing.