Way to retrieve data from formatted hard disk

OS, which is the most complicated program written to interact with hardware. There are many OS available in market as they are prepared for different machines. Mover these OS is big built package used to interact with users too and hiding all the complexity of programs from user as this is one of the best program written ever.

Firstly, there was the command prompt to talk to computer without any interface but as the development increases there comes the GUI that is graphical user interface to provide the user the best and easy way to handle the system and making the user free from remembering of commands. Firstly there was the DOS command prompt which is used to give commands to the system and each and every things is done with it.

As there are some good program written which decreases the user’s difficulties likewise there are some bad programs are written by some unwanted peoples that to increase the difficulties of peoples and the programs are specified with the name of viruses. Viruses are the program written in c language in such a way to corrupt the files, software and written program that creates difficulties to users.

There are number of OS in market, which later becomes so popular after DOS OS. Windows, Mac, LINUX, UNIX and many more OS are available which are used by people for their system. Some OS are machine specified and some are available for all machines. But these OS are having threat to get corrupted and need be formatted and loss all the data from but there are some reason which can unformat windows and can written your data.

Many instances comes when user need to clean all his data and even needs to install the OS again and behind this there are many reasons but the foremost reason is virus attack. When new OS is installed to the system then before this, there is a need to remove the older version of the software, that is called formatting of system, and the main part is played just next to OS are hard disks in the system. As the files are stored in hard disk and if formatted than there is need to retrieve files from quick formatted hard disk on windows. 

Virus was not only the reason for the data loss there are many more reason which cause in data loss like virus attack as stated before, unwanted corrupted files, supporting files of OS if missing by using third party tools like antivirus and many more are there.

There are some precautions which are used and that defends against the loss and corruption scenarios.

Better to install the updated antivirus in the system which will resist your from virus attack. there are many formats of file so better to use the files which are known to you and are supportable in the system, use that particular software version that are genuine but not the pirated and this will decrease the impact of the reason of loss.

And if these precaution won’t work then there is last option left and that is the option of recovery though software. There are many software downloads available on internet which will recover your data.