Tips to Recover Deleted or Lost Data from Hard Drive

Usually the files are used to save our work and collect important information in it. The computer architecture is completely built for storing and sharing files easily. Using computer, one can easily add, move, manipulate or delete files. However, you may get problems when hard drive is formatted accidentally with the all important files stored on it. Losing significant data due to formatting or re-formatting of hard drive may create big problems. However, being worried about the lost data is an earlier situation. But now you can recover data from formatted hard drive, through the help of advanced data recovery applications. These tools are designed especially to recover data from formatted or reformatted hard drive.

Did you delete important files from your Windows computer? Need help to undelete Recycle Bin files? Don’t worry; here you can get the complete solution for this problem.

Windows computer offers the temporary storage folder known as Recycle Bin, to store normally deleted files. But many people may delete files from the Recycle Bin too. If you encounter this situation, you should act immediately to recover deleted files. Before you go to restore deleted files, let us know actually what happens after the deletion of files.

From the logical point of view, when a file is deleted, its content is still found in the hard drive. Only the file pointer is removed from the file allocation table and it cannot be recognized by the Windows operating system. This location can be used to overwrite by other files. Therefore, you need to recover data before that space is used for other data. Thus the successful recovery of data is depends on how long the system is used after the deletion of files. Hence it is recommended to recover data as soon as possible.

The data recovery software can be obtained and downloaded from the internet. It can recover all types of files which are not overwritten. It is also need to know that the software cannot give the guarantee to recover files if you have installed any application or stored new files in your computer after the loss of data. Usually the software comes with a free trial version, using which you can ensure the possibility of data recovery in your case prior to purchase. This trial version can help you to see all recoverable files without permitting them to save. Thus you can be familiar with the recovery procedure and also estimate data recovery without paying money for the software.

Often the accidental deletion of photos happens on your computer. There is no need to get upset over this, since you can restore deleted photos from your PC using a recovery software. The best way is, first download demo version of this software and then find deleted photos on computer. Suppose you found the deleted pictures in the recovered files list, then go through the full version to save recovered image.

Thus you can undelete photos, music, documents, etc using data recovery software. It can retrieve photos under all data loss circumstances like unplanned formatting of partition, system failure, operating system crash, hard drive corruption, etc. It is compatible with the all removable drives like USB flash drives, memory cards (SD, CF, XD-Picture, MMC, memory stick, etc), external hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE), etc. In order to restore files from external storage devices, you have to connect them to the computer where the recovery software is installed.