Repairing of corrupt files from third party tools

Powerpoint presentations are the most powerful application which comes with Microsoft Office and are specially built to represent the view, concept, presentation according to user’s need for a particular subject. Such applications are present very less and can say negligible in the market to compete with power point applications.

How powerpoint actually works and what it does?

It is the application which comes with the Microsoft application package. This application combines all types of files to create your presentation in very expressive mode.                                                                                                                                         Enlightening features which make power point so strong is its content holding capabilities, which holds its audios, videos, graphics, pictures and much more to regulate the presentation part and make a reach to the point which users want. Versions of PPT files are PPT, PPTX, PPS.

One drawback in power point presentation files are that these file gets corrupted and the question comes is there any way to repair the file is corrupted?

Mostly these files face corruption which in terms can damage the data in it and due to which the data become inaccessible and fails to support the needs. A number of common ways result in data loss. But repairing of files is easy as there is much software to repair PPTX.

Though these are the option of repairing it must always be kept in mind that the process is not reliable all the time sometimes corruption of files are so strong so as to repair PPTX files can create a problem.

The outcome is the last stage but what takes one to corruption?

So let’s have a glimpse which corrupts the files.

  • Software glitches due to the usage of a pirated version of the software.
  • Shutting down of a system after power crashes due to less supply of power.
  • Using the pirated tool in the system so as to accomplish the task.
  • File if saved in a removable hard disk and while saving ejection occurs.
  • Different malfunctioned programs attack in the system.

What refraining ways one can follow to avoid the corruption of files?

Yes, there are many ways in which data can be saved and can refrain from a corruption of files. So here are those ways like to create back up which is the most secure and prominent factor which refrain the data regularity, Usage of antivirus which protects from the attack of malfunctioned programs in the system, the power supply must be that good so that data power surge and even from power failure can be handled.
Genuine version of the software must be used.

At last what one can do if the PPT file is not working properly and found with corruption?

Following precaution is not enough to avoid data corruption but sometimes after precautions, there are many chances where you find that your data is lost and at the end, you need to do something as the data is important to one. So repairing the files is the only option left in front of you and to do so you need some recovery software to download from the internet. And the end by using this exe the data will be a return to you.