Recovery of Mac files requires specialized software

Don’t be fooled by low cost programs designed to recover Mac files. Most of these software programs are not even compatible with the different style Intel microprocessors used in Mac computers. Because of this and other syntax problems these programs must be operated from a Windows based PC. They work much in the same way one could expect to take a camera manufacturers digital SD card and connect it to a Windows based PC. Yes the PC could read the file content and perhaps even allow you to copy from the card any existing files but the ability of these programs to scan for and reconstruct damaged files is almost nonexistent.

True programs designed to recover Mac data are capable of downloading directly onto your Mac and working from there. In fact the best of these programs are equipped with simple friendly graphic user interfaces that allow even the most inexperienced computer owner to click a few buttons and recover any recently deleted files from a computer’s internal hard drive in just minutes. The same quality third party Mac data recovery tools will enable you to scan through powerful devices connected to your Mac such as a USB flash drive, compact flash drive or video cam memory stick. english to german translator