Handling the problem of crashed hard disk drive recovery

There are several ways to deal with a problem involving crashed hard drive recovery. The choice you make will depend upon a few simple factors. The first of these is whether your computer is a desktop or laptop computer. Many of the more simple methods of disk recovery involve removing the hard drive from the PC. When working with a desktop computer this is a fairly simple procedure. Dismantling a laptop can be difficult and is generally a poor idea.

The basic breakdown of crashed hard drive recovery is to either attempt file recovery before reloading your Windows operating system or afterward. In either case you will need to download a high quality data recovery software program. The best of these are offered by Remo Software. If you have already reloaded your Windows operating system then download the software tool directly onto your current personal computer. If you have not and you have removed the hard drive from your PC download the data recovery program onto a second Windows based PC and connect your hard drive to that computer by means of a cable.