Formatted hard disk drive data recovery

It is a tough decision for many when we discover that our computer will not start up and the cause of its failure is due to lost or damaged files on our computer hard drive. The choice we’re left with is to attempt data recovery prior to reloading Windows or to reload our operating system and then attempt formatted data recovery. The percentile of file recovery success when we attempt to recover formatted partitions is much smaller than that when using a data recovery tool to scan for deleted files on a working hard disk drive.

However in order to recover files from the working disk drive we must remove the component and connect it by means of cables to a second working Windows based PC. So on one hand the process is far more successful and on the other hand a data recovery process is simpler. Which is the best choice? The most cautious and successful means to recover formatted partitions is to remove the hard drive and connected to a second working computer onto which a data recovery tool has been installed.