Export Signatures from Outlook 2016

During some occasions, there arises the need to export signatures from Microsoft Outlook 2016. For instance, think that you have replaced an old computer with a new one. So, when you do that, you need to configure the MS Outlook including the signatures into the new system. In general, it’s a lengthy process to create signatures one after the other. However, this post will disclose a technique to export signatures on MS Outlook 2016 easily. Therefore read on to know more about the technique.


Instructions to export signatures from MS Outlook 2016

Generally, all the signatures in MS Outlook will be located in a folder known as Signature. You need to open the Signature folder in order to copy/cut signatures effectively.

  • Step 1: Open any folder and then enter the following line in the address box,

%user profile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures

Thereafter, press Enter button from the keyboard. Then, the Signature folder opens up. Here you will see that each signature has three files – one HTML file, one Text file, one Rich Text Format file and then a file folder

  • Step 2: Now, from within the Signature folder you need to select and then copy the three files/documents and well as one file folder related to each signature that you wish to export
  • Step 3: Finally, paste the copied files and the folder into a secure folder of your choice

Note: If you don not wish to carryout the above-mentioned technical steps manually, then its better to opt for Outlook Migrate tool. The application will guide you though each and every step of the migration process. Most importantly, the software will automatically export the signatures or any other files from MS Outlook 2016 (or any other version). Further, using the same tool you can even create backup of the Outlook data and also import Outlook files.