Common problems faced with Microsoft Outlook

The process of PST recovery centers on rescuing of lost or damaged Microsoft Outlook emails. Another aspect of PST recovery is the need to return functionality to the Microsoft Outlook inbox. To accomplish either of these tasks we must use a program designed to recover Outlook PST file information. There are actually several ways this can be done and the one you choose is dependent on the symptoms of our specific Outlook failure and problem.

For example one of the most common problems people experience when using Microsoft Outlook is that they inadvertently exceed the 2 GB inbox file size limit. This overfill not only results in spillage of data but slows and eventually shuts down the Outlook inbox. We repair this by reducing the size of the PST file to under the 2 GB limit. Different programs have different approaches to solving this problem. Some software for PST recovery will simply crop the size of the largest database table which in this case is the one holding all of your emails. This does restore operation to the Outlook inbox but also deletes hundreds if not thousands of e-mail messages.