Clearing out old files for computer disposal

Before you sell your old computer or donate it to a worthy organization make sure to use a drive wipe program on the hard disk of that computer. If you do not completely clean out all of the stored data on the hard disk drive even deleted files can easily be restored and read. That means that all of your credit card transactions, medical records and even personal emails can be found and opened by unwanted parties.

For this reason Remo Software makes powerful file shredder tools. This software is specifically designed to tear apart and scramble either a single file on your computer or the entire disk drive. The drive itself is not harmed it is merely overwritten many times using a random pattern scrambler. Because the files are overwritten in a random pattern there is no way they can ever be reassembled even if one were to use the most powerful data recovery algorithms. While there are many file eraser programs available few such as the Remo Software tool are able to meet the standards set by the United States Department of Defense for destruction of sensitive and secret information.