Ultimate Software to Restore Deleted iTunes Playlist

“I have iTunes playlist file, which contains my favorite songs and I always like to hear them on daily basis. But yesterday my cousin deleted my iTunes playlist file unknowingly from my Windows computer.  I also don’t have the backup of the playlist. I desperately need the erased iTunes playlist file back. How to recover deleted iTunes playlist? Any prominent solution will kindly appreciate.”

You don’t need to worry any more. Because, you can get more than hundreds of tools to recover deleted iTunes playlist files from internet. But you have to be careful while choosing tool. Because, some of them are inefficient which they can make deleted playlist file unavailable permanently. So our best suggestion for you is to choose “iTunes Recovery Software”, which is efficient, faster, genuine, reliable, secured, accurate and trusted to restore deleted iTunes playlist files within a minute. It is one of the most recommended tools to perform deleted iTunes playlist recovery on Mac and Windows PC. Files deleted due to some reasons like as listed below.

How the iTunes playlist files will get deleted?

  • Accidental deletion: The user sometimes deletes iTunes playlist files unknowingly by pressing shift + delete button or delete button.
  • While transferring: Sometimes iTunes playlist files are deleted due to abrupt shutdown of system while files are under transfer process can leads to files deleted from both devices which are participated in transfer process. Also removing storage device which contains iTunes playlist files without following safely device remove procedure.
  • Anti-virus scan: If the playlist files are infected by viruses/malwares, then anti-virus deletes them without showing notification alert.
  • Unintentional formatting: All files including iTunes playlist files will be deleted from storage device if the user performed format operation by accidentally.

Apart from above reasons, some others like iTunes playlist files deleted by unauthorized person, file system corruption; operating system failures and so on can cause files deletion.

Attractive features of iTunes recovery software:

  • This tool has ability to recover deleted iTunes playlist files from different storage devices like SD cards, pen drive, memory sticks, firewire drives and also from formatted or corrupted storage devices.
  • It recovers the files based on their unique signature.
  • It is compatible, so you can use it on all versions of Windows like Windows XP, 7, 8, 2003, 2008, Vista, etc all Mac versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite.
  • It has simple user friendly interface, which helps to operate it by new users also.
  • This utility is developed with advanced built-in scanned algorithms, which scans entire storage device and recovers the deleted playlist files within few minutes.
  • You can view recovered files in sorted order based on their name, date, extension and size.
  • Also you can store the recovered files into CD/DVD or any other external storage device.

Suggestions: Keep backup copy of your playlist files. Be alert while deleting files. Avoid connecting of virus infected storage devices. Use genuine and updated anti-virus to avoid spreading viruses/malwares on storage device.