Solution to Fix AVI File in Reliable Way

AVI video files are most popular since they can be played on major mainstream media player. The video files are used as educational and entertainment purpose. Sometimes these files can be damaged or corrupted due to certain reasons such as improper file recovery, virus attack, error in file conversion, etc. It is a horrible condition for users when files get damaged and you are unable to play AVI video files. In such condition, you are searching for third party tool to fix AVI in an effective way.

However no need to worry, you can make use of Fix AVI tool to repair damaged or corrupted video files with great ease. This software is compatible with all the latest version of Mac and Windows operating system. This recovery tool allow user to repair damaged or corrupted AVI video file with different file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, etc. By using this tool, you can view fixed AVI files before restoration on any storage device. This software is available online which is capable in fixing video files without any issues.

Scenarios for corruption of AVI video files

Human error: Sometimes AVI video files get corrupted or damaged due to human errors such as sudden system shut down or improper ejection of memory card while transferring files. This scenario leads to inaccessibility of AVI video files. While transferring files from system to another storage device or vice versa, if system shut down suddenly then there is high possibility that files get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Software problem: Media player application is used to play video files. Sometimes due to improper installation of media player, video files get corrupted. As a result of which you are unable to play such video files.

Virus attack: It is another reason which is responsible for corruption of video files. When you are downloading video files through unauthorized sites or connected to infected system then there is high possibility that virus enter into the system which in turn corrupted video files.

Other Factors: Several other reasons responsible for corruption of AVI video files are power failure, synchronization error, improper conversion of video files format, etc. You can use this software to repair above mentioned scenarios effectively.

Features of Fix AVI Tool

  • Fix AVI tool can be used on all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It requires very less space for installation on any operating system.
  • You are capable in fixing AVI video and audio files separately and then merge them to form healthy video files.
  • It fixes corrupt AVI video files keeping the original file unchanged.
  • It has inbuilt property to repair and also recover video files which get corrupted due to several reasons.
  • This repair tool easily search the fixed video files from Find option on the basis of their unique features like File name, file size, date of creation, etc.
  • You can also preview fixed video files before restoration on any storage device.

Perfect Solution for Repairing Corrupted Video Files

You might have noticed that while using a Mac system, QuickTime player generates error in playing some of the video files. It is because the video might have got corrupt. This problem basically occurs due to corrupt firmware of camcorder. If the camcorder’s firmware gets corrupt then the video files being recorded or watched on the camcorders then the video file being used on the camcorder may get truncated. This may damage the video file in use. This damaged video file when tried to play on QuickTime player, the video player refuses to play the file.

If your video files do not play then you feel bothered because this might be the video file of the movie which you were waiting to watch from long or this might be the video of your daughter’s degree convocation function sent by her. You might not want to lose to watch all these video just because these video files have got corrupted or damaged.

No need to get tensed from these kinds of situations where your video files does not play or got damaged. Repair video utility is the highly reliable solution for these situations. You can use this utility which can mend video files which got corrupt even due to header corruption. There are several cases of video file damage, let’s discuss some of these situations.

Cases of Getting Video Files Damaged:

Download problems: There may be chances that the video file which you have downloaded from the internet might have got downloaded incompletely. Because of incomplete download the video file will refuse to play & you may not be able watch even the completed part of that video file. Even downloading the videos from untrusted websites will bring viruses attached to them on your system. Once virus enters in the system it starts to lay the seeds for infecting all other files stored on the system & you need to look to mend corrupt video file because this may corrupt the video files stored on the system.

Compression problems: While compressing the video files, several errors may occur. This will result in inappropriate compression of video files so the compressed file when extracted for use may not play properly or even may refuse to play at all. Even these compressed video files can be split in parts so when you try to combine the parts. The combined video file may not play & you may find that your video file has got damaged.

Errors in converting video file formats: A lot of video file converting tools are available in the market but not all are reliable, these video files may not get converted properly. Suppose you like to convert a MOV video file to MP4 video file but it does not get converted properly then the converted file might not play or even the video file might have become damaged.       

Recovered video files found to be corrupt: Sometimes when the lost or deleted files are recovered, they might not have got recovered properly which may result in corruption of the recovered video file.

Power failures: While playing the videos on the video player, sudden shut down of the system may lead to corruption of the videos being watched. The video files may even get that severely damaged that they becomes dead.

Take a glance through the software features:  

  • Highly recommended tool to mend video files with audio codec like sowt, RAW, mp4a, etc & video codec like mp4v, avc1, mjpeg, etc
  • Get corrupt video files fixed like AVI files on Windows & MOV files on Mac
  • Fix the broken video files which are stored on hard disks, pen drive, USB drives, etc
  • Repair the corrupted video files which are notifying the error messages like “The movie is of incorrect duration”, “Unable to reach the end of file”,  “The format is not supported”, etc
  • Mend the damaged video files due to corrupt firmware of digital cameras & camcorders of various brands like ContourHD, Samsung, Olympus, Sony,  Kodak, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, etc
  • Makes the files playable which refuses to play on video players like Windows Media Player & other players

Some suggestions for future help:

  • Download the video files from trusted video sharing sites to avoid incomplete video downloads & to avoid malware infected videos from getting downloaded.
  • Use reliable third party programs in compressing of video files as well as use trusted software of file recovery for getting back lost video files so that the video files being recovered does not get corrupt