How To Recover Windows 10 Partition Data ?

Hi everyone! I am distraught after unintentionally deleting one of the four partitions in my system. The deleted partition contains very important documents which I cannot bear to lose .Is there a solution to recover lost partition data in windows 10, keeping the files intact?

Often we hear and  even encounter problems of recovering data from the deleted partition in different versions of windows. We are human beings and are bound to make mistake, but not retrieving lost partition data is not a myth.

Scenarios leading to data loss :

There are many situations which may lead to a situation in which you accidentally delete a partition which may lead to data loss.

Power surges or failure while data is being read/written to the disk can cause the partition to disappear or lead to damaged and corrupted data. Converting the system files may also lead to data loss.

Virus and malware attacks can cause the corruption of the header of the partition and thus the damaged partition disappears.

  • Installing /reinstalling system files using malicious/third party utilities can cause loss of data.
  • A file may be corrupted while reallocating the free space to the other partitions may lead to data loss. Corrupting the information while performing multiple OS or dualOS installation instantaneously may lead to corrupted data in the disk.
  • A partition may get corrupted or damaged due to number of damaged sectors in the RAM. Error in the logical structure may also lead to corrupted data.
  • Unintentional formatting or unwilling deletion of partition from windows disk management utility or third party utilities.


About software


There are various software through which one can easily retrieve lost partition data . But the hard drive partition data recovery for windows 10 is an complete solution to all your data loss worries which arise due to different conditions. It allows us to retrieve and fetch damaged/corrupted partition data and supports internal or external hard drive .





Features :

  • Recover and recognize more than 300 file types may be word, PPT etc depending on their unique signatures.
  • Recovers data from deleted/damaged RAID partition including (RAID0, RAID1 , RAID5) partitions.
  • It supports various file system FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS and are capable of retrieval of lost data.
  • The search results are displayed in a sorted order depending upon their file types, date modified, date created and size which can be viewed even while the search is not complete using the “preview” option.
  • Searching for a particular recovered file is made simpler by “find” that enables us to filter our search.
  • Provides unique feature of “save recovery session” and “open recovery session“ allows us to pause and resume according to our ease , bypassing repeated scanning of the whole disk, which curbs time increasing productivity.
  • The recovered file can be viewed on the basis of their extension by “File type view” and “data view”.
  • Enables file recovery incorporating ADS(Additional data stream) attribute from NTFS drive. Recovered files can be compressed to ZIP format so as to reduce space.


Recovering lost/deleted partition :

Step 1: Select the “Partition recovery” to retrieve lost/deleted partition.

Step 2 : Select the drive from which files are to be retrieved and then click “Next”.

Step 3 : the software scans through the system finally displaying the list of available partitions. select the partition and click “Next”.

Step 4 : The recovered files are displayed once the search is complete which can be viewed using the “Preview “option and later you can save the retrieved files.



This data retrieval software comes with an unique feature of “First try ,Then buy “. The demo version of the software is available free to download .


How to Recover Data from Damaged Seagate Hard Drive?

Hard drive is the place where you can store entire files, folders of system. Seagate hard drive is used to store data files and folders such as image, audio, video files into your system. Seagate provide some special features such as password protection to all files and folders. So, the Seagate hard drive is provide much more protection to your files. The main reason for using Seagate hard drive is to keep documents more secured.

Let’s consider a scenario that, you are running a chemical industry, and you’re continuously created some chemical formulae stored in different files in hard drive. Here actually you needed to provide security for those chemical formulae by putting password to those folders. But, due to some reasons your Seagate hard drive may get damaged and you may lose files from it.

After losing an important data, you may worry about how to retrieve data from damaged Seagate hard drive. Be calm as it is simple and easy to restore data from damaged Seagate hard drive. You just need to download Hard Drive Recover software and follow few simple steps for retrieving data from damaged Seagate hard drive.

Following are the scenarios that leads to damaged Seagate HDD

1. Improper shutdown: Termination of system accidentally can cause damage to the file structure of a hard drive which make it inaccessible.

2. Bad sectors: Bad sector is inaccessible storage space which doesn’t allow you to read or data from it. So, if more number of bad sectors present on the disk then the entire drive becomes inaccessible.

3. Virus attack: virus or malwares present in the hard drive may damage the files by replicating themselves. Also, it may sometimes corrupt drive leads to data loss.

4. Interruption: If any sort of interruption occur during the process of formatting, reformatting, partitioning and repartitioning, then drive may get damaged and you may lose data from it.

These are some of the causes due to which Seagate drive gets damaged. However, you will get permanent solution for these problems as by using hard drive recovery software you can easily recover data from damaged Seagate hard drive. 

Features of hard drive recovery software

1. This utility restores data from damaged Seagate hard drive in an easy manner.

2. It can effectively retrieve data from different types of logical failures on hard drives.

3. This software has potential to recover deleted or lost files of different types like images, video clips, text files, documents, EXE files, Zip archives and more.

4. It recovers data from all other brands of hard drives like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.

5. Taking the assistance of this program, you can efficiently perform data recovery from damaged Seagate hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS based machines.

6. This software can also recover data from damaged USB drive, memory cards, Firewire drive, etc.

7. By using this software, you will be able to preview the recovery result.

8. Using its preview option, you can view the recovered data before restoration.

How to Recover Files from Seagate Backup Plus

Hard drive is the main data storage unit for almost any computer, hard drive is having great benefits like it enables you to store different kinds of data for example image, audio tracks, video clip tracks, or any additional data. Many hard drive manufacturing companies are available but among them Seagate is the most popular hard disk manufacturing company. Currently hard disks come with huge storage capacity which range from megabytes to 1 TB and much more.

Once you delete some files normally by utilizing delete key then the deleted items could be restored through Recycle Bin. In some other case data lost because of deletion then in this situation must have to go for powerful hard disk recovery tool. If you have lost or deleted any data from hard drive then you should not get worry because by utilizing one of the excellent recovery tool called Hard drive Recovery Software its simple to recover all the data. By making use of it you can effortlessly recover data from hard disks of different manufacturer’s such as Toshiba, Samsung, WD, Buffalo etc. Moreover using this software it is simple to recover Seagate hard drive data within mouse clicks. This tool also allows you to know how to recover files from Seagate backup pluseffectively.

Data loss or deletion scenarios of Seagate Hard disk

Data Transfer Disruption: When you have faced interruptions such as sudden system shutdown or even system rebooting abruptly etc. at this point of time if data processing task is at progress then the data that is under transferring mode that will get deleted.

Virus Attack: Most of the time virus may attack system and the infected files can get deleted from system hard drive when you begin scanning the system by utilizing updated anti-virus tool, which leads to file deletion.

Accidental Deletion: If you go for deleting any unwanted files or folder from hard disk then sometimes you might select some essential file and press delete key. This deletion process might lose some important data through your system hard drive.

Formatting: Formatting could be the process where you may loss large amount of data, while you’re formatting the system drive in this instance by mistakenly if you select other drive instead of actual drive and perform formatting leads to huge amount o data.

Features associated with Hard Dive Recovery Software

  • It has been designed by using powerful recovery algorithm and by applying this any kind of data deletion can be achieved within short time period.
  • Windows OS is well compatible to set up and run this application easily.
  • It can also operate on Mac OS versions such as Mac Lion, Leopard, as well as Snow Leopard etc.
  • This application provides “Preview” option; applying this user can easily preview recovered files prior to going to buy the complete version of software.
  • It can be possible to recover some other removable storage devices such as USB drive, SD cards, and external hard drive and etc. to know complete
  • By using this prominent software you can easily recover deleted or missing data from different hard disk brands such as Buffalo, Hitachi, and Seagate etc. For detail information regarding the Seagate hard drive recovery just visit this think:

Best possible way to recoup files on Hard Disk

Formatting any drive is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the contents of drive in a single attempt. Formatting just erases each of the elements available on hard disk pointer thereby making them unavailable for use any more. But, sometime such instances proof to be blunder mistake when user by mistake applies format command over any storage drive. Such an unwanted activity leaves user in remorseful state of mind. But, such an act can be reverted by use of Recover Formatted utility. This utility revamps each of the lost files from disk in the same format as it was available before formatting.

Mainly data loss on any disk data gets unavailable due to unintentional format. Let’s checkout, one of the scenario of such an occurrence. Suppose, you are in need to Ubuntu operating system for some purpose, so in order to do so you have decided to format one of the drives which is mostly filled with junk files. But, while doing so you unintentionally formatted one of the other drives. Hence, what is to be done in such state of affair??? In such circumstances users need not get panicked since any wrong step can tend to permanent loss of files. Any user who wishes to recover formatted disk, can use the aforementioned tool, which revives each of the lost files.

Apart, from unintentional format other common reason is format error which arises on disk. Such an issue arises when disk gets damaged due to any reason and pops up message like disk is corrupted. When such a message bulges on screen data within the disk gets inaccessible. On occurrence of such issue system requests user to format the disk so that it can be used any further. So, now when any user faces such problem he or she gets into dilemma whether or not to format disk, because formatting means deletion of files. Such a dilemma can be sorted by use of mentioned tool. Apart from aforesaid scenarios of data loss from disk are damaged caused to partition table due to virus intrusion on disk, improper shut down of computer, Error caused while changing the file system of disk and mistake caused while making modification in the size of hard disk. For more you may visit:

However, just utilization of given tool or any other application which revamps files from formatted disk doesn’t ensures 100% recapitulation, is certain measures are not taken proper care of. Format or reformat of the drive should not be done ones files get lost from drive. Also other point that users attention is that usage of restoration disk should be stopped so that overwriting of files takes place. Apart from this two major things one that usually people forget is that downloading and installation of software should not be done at recovery site.

Recover Formatted is very much user friendly that can be easily utilized by any novice as well as expert, to have the desired files back from disk. Any software working can be determined by the algorithm using which it is working. This software has got one of the unique algorithm which checks out each sector of the disk within few minutes of its use. Different types of storage devices can be revamped using this software like external hard drive, SD card, memory stick, Fire-wire drive and many other types of storage devices. User who is performing recoup on the storage drive may preview them before saving them at any desired location. Recovery Session can be created using this tool so that next time when repossession is required, it’s time can be minimized in an appropriate way. It supports different file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT 16, FAT 32 and exFAT equally. This software has got one of the widest range of files which can be recovered in the matching format.

Thus by going through the astounding features of Recover Formatted application we can easily suggest any people who is in search type of application. Needy may easily get this software from internet for download in order to check its capability.

Hard Drive Recovery Application

Losing an important data is always painful moment, and if it is from hard drive then it results huge amount of data loss. After facing such a severe loss, people get upset. If you are going through with any such situation, do not get upset. You can easily recover data from your system hard drive data by hard drive recovery tool. Hard drive recovery utility allow you to scan disk drive and browse the deleted files.

This tool can even recover data from corrupted hard drive, it identify all the healthy files from the system. With this application, you can also recover data from external hard drive. It supports all major brands of external hard drive. Iomega external hard drive is the most famous one, it gain popularity in very less time due to its advance features. It can store abundant amount of data (500GB). Huge data wants huge security, small carelessness results enormous amount of data loss. In addition, if you lose backup file also then recovery became essential. By using this tool, data recovery from iomega external hard drive became very easy, it recover all the files in its original format, as it was before deletion.

There are so many situations, which can corrupt your hard drive and results huge amount of data loss. Some of them are:

  • Human errors are the most common reason for data loss. Using Shift+ Del key for deletion of any file or folder, emptied recycle bin unintentionally, formatting a wrong partition etc results unexpected data loss.
  • Bad sectors on hard drive also affect the files stored on the hard drive, it damage the hard drive reduces its life span.
  • Improper and incomplete repartitioning of hard drive can be another reason for hard drive corruption.
  • Sudden system shut down or sudden power failure can delete some of your important files from hard drive.
  • File system corruption, operating system malfunction, improper shut down, crashed hard drive and results data loss.
  • Virus attack or the malware attack coming from internet damage your system hard drive, which in turn cause data loss.

You can avoid above problems by following some basic precautions like:

  • Use antivirus in your PC/laptop and update it once in a week.
  • Power supply must be strong to avoid sudden power shut down.
  • Before connecting any external drive to your system, scan it first.
  • Avoid using sift +delete combination for deleting files.

These precautions definitely help you in reducing data loss problem. However, these are not at all sufficient! as there are many scenarios, which occur suddenly. To conquer such scenarios hard drive recovery utility is the right choice. This tool is available for both windows and Mac operating system. It first scans formatted volume to recover lost files and folders.  It can also recover data from a hard drive, which fails to mount. For bad sectors, it creates a disk image of hard drive and later on fetches the data from it. Download free trial version of this software from internet, if you are happy with its results go for its full version.

Windows File Recovery Software

Windows is regarded as the most widely operating-system by computer users and it supports wide range of applications to work compatibly on it. Windows 7 is the latest version of operating system released by Microsoft. Windows OS utilizes two recognized file systems to store and manage data on hard drive from the computer. Usually data is stored in different files on hard drive of compute like documents, folders, excel sheets, presentations, emails, zip files, digital photos, music files, video clips etc. Hard disk is divided into certain number of partitions to store such data.

Have you ever lost the files from windows partition because of some unfortunate situations like deletion, formatting, corruption, etc? Finally you might turn out losing your valuable data present on Windows PC. You do not need to worry, make use of some effective software available online to bring back your files. File recovery software is one such powerful tool, which will help you to achieve data recovery on Windows PC in few software clicks. Accidental deletion of files could happen whenever you use “Shift+Delete” keys wrongly while using them on Windows computer. Emptying of recycle bin can erases files from hard disk drive memory. Improperly using cut and paste commands on system leads to deletion of files. There is also possibility of deleting files from Windows command prompt.

You may accidentally format some healthy partition on instead of some other partition on hard drive of Windows PC. Formatting may delete the partition and cause loss of data. Sometimes intentional format of particular partition is required to ensure it is totally free of viruses and corruption. Formatting erases data from partition marks the space occupied by deleted files as free and makes it ready for storing new data. After reformatting any partition on hard disk you may end up losing files present on that partition, in case if you had forgot to take back up of data from reformatted drive. Trying to locate free space among existing partitions, resizing the partitions to create new partition on hard disk can deleted existing partitions on hard disk drive and results in data loss. Using Windows Disk management Utility or 3rd party tools to create new partition on windows computer can also lead to deletion of partitions from hard drive.

Improper shut down of system, sudden power changes, corruption of data due to virus attacks, software failures may lead to loss of files from hard drive. Whatever may be the cause for loss of data from hard drive; this data recovery software will recover different type of files from Windows PC using their file signatures. This recover file software program is suggested by many people industry experts to extract files from hard disks, external hard disks, USB drives, iPods, flash memory cards, etc on Windows OS. It uses in-built advanced algorithms to recognize and recover more than 300 file types from hard disk. Download and install the free trial version of this tool on Windows system. Follow few basic steps as shown by its interface to retrieve your lost/deleted files.