Recovery of Mac files requires specialized software

Don’t be fooled by low cost programs designed to recover Mac files. Most of these software programs are not even compatible with the different style Intel microprocessors used in Mac computers. Because of this and other syntax problems these programs must be operated from a Windows based PC. They work much in the same way one could expect to take a camera manufacturers digital SD card and connect it to a Windows based PC. Yes the PC could read the file content and perhaps even allow you to copy from the card any existing files but the ability of these programs to scan for and reconstruct damaged files is almost nonexistent.

True programs designed to recover Mac data are capable of downloading directly onto your Mac and working from there. In fact the best of these programs are equipped with simple friendly graphic user interfaces that allow even the most inexperienced computer owner to click a few buttons and recover any recently deleted files from a computer’s internal hard drive in just minutes. The same quality third party Mac data recovery tools will enable you to scan through powerful devices connected to your Mac such as a USB flash drive, compact flash drive or video cam memory stick. english to german translator

Handling the problem of crashed hard disk drive recovery

There are several ways to deal with a problem involving crashed hard drive recovery. The choice you make will depend upon a few simple factors. The first of these is whether your computer is a desktop or laptop computer. Many of the more simple methods of disk recovery involve removing the hard drive from the PC. When working with a desktop computer this is a fairly simple procedure. Dismantling a laptop can be difficult and is generally a poor idea.

The basic breakdown of crashed hard drive recovery is to either attempt file recovery before reloading your Windows operating system or afterward. In either case you will need to download a high quality data recovery software program. The best of these are offered by Remo Software. If you have already reloaded your Windows operating system then download the software tool directly onto your current personal computer. If you have not and you have removed the hard drive from your PC download the data recovery program onto a second Windows based PC and connect your hard drive to that computer by means of a cable.

Formatted hard disk drive data recovery

It is a tough decision for many when we discover that our computer will not start up and the cause of its failure is due to lost or damaged files on our computer hard drive. The choice we’re left with is to attempt data recovery prior to reloading Windows or to reload our operating system and then attempt formatted data recovery. The percentile of file recovery success when we attempt to recover formatted partitions is much smaller than that when using a data recovery tool to scan for deleted files on a working hard disk drive.

However in order to recover files from the working disk drive we must remove the component and connect it by means of cables to a second working Windows based PC. So on one hand the process is far more successful and on the other hand a data recovery process is simpler. Which is the best choice? The most cautious and successful means to recover formatted partitions is to remove the hard drive and connected to a second working computer onto which a data recovery tool has been installed.

Basic Windows data recovery steps

For the most part Windows recovery refers to recovery of document, common image and application files from your Windows based PC’s internal hard disk drive. We accomplish this task by using powerful third party Windows data recovery software. Choosing the best suite of software for any particular Windows data recovery task can be a bit confusing. Be aware that there are many low price but also low quality data recovery tools available. These tools which pretend to be bonafide file recovery software are very often little more than search and find functions that have been adapted to look for code representing popular file extensions.

When trying to recover severely damaged files or files on hard disk drives with corrupted boot sectors these lesser quality programs are of no value. A valid effective working program for Windows data recovery will be able to recognize the inherent file structure of all major file types as well as specialized file structures.

Common problems faced with Microsoft Outlook

The process of PST recovery centers on rescuing of lost or damaged Microsoft Outlook emails. Another aspect of PST recovery is the need to return functionality to the Microsoft Outlook inbox. To accomplish either of these tasks we must use a program designed to recover Outlook PST file information. There are actually several ways this can be done and the one you choose is dependent on the symptoms of our specific Outlook failure and problem.

For example one of the most common problems people experience when using Microsoft Outlook is that they inadvertently exceed the 2 GB inbox file size limit. This overfill not only results in spillage of data but slows and eventually shuts down the Outlook inbox. We repair this by reducing the size of the PST file to under the 2 GB limit. Different programs have different approaches to solving this problem. Some software for PST recovery will simply crop the size of the largest database table which in this case is the one holding all of your emails. This does restore operation to the Outlook inbox but also deletes hundreds if not thousands of e-mail messages.

PST file restoration without losing emails

One of the most innovative features of Microsoft Outlook at its inception was the use of a special database type file to store both e-mail messages and customizations. This same system would now be considered quite simplistic when compared to a mySQL database however the basic premise of the Outlook file known as a PST remains viable. Unfortunately the drawback to many versions of Microsoft Outlook using the PST file is the size limitation of that database. It was set at the 2 GB capacity. And upon being overloaded the inbox would become corrupted and cease to receive messages. There are, as a consequence many good programs for PST repair made available. Microsoft offers one as part of Outlook support.

However the Microsoft Outlook PST repair tool is extremely flawed in that it tends to quickly crop down the size of the PST file to the 2 GB limit. This results in a certain percentage of files being permanently deleted. As with any file loss scenario it is always wise is to use an Outlook backup program so that your messages are available for instant recovery. But barring the good fortune of having recently backed up your Outlook PST file just prior to a system crash you will need a program designed to repair a 2GB PST file.

Recovery of photos from external storage media

Very often when we connect a USB flash drive to our Windows PC we are greeted with a message telling us that the flash drive cannot be read. When this problem occurs one should always try the digital media storage device on another PC before assuming the data is actually corrupted. Many times it is not. But should the second computer confirm file corruption one should attempt data recovery prior to following the prompt’s request to reformat the drive. This same rule applies when using a memory stick. To recover photos from corrupted flash drive media begin by downloading onto your PC a trial or full version of the Remo Software digital media recovery tool.

This same tool will allow you to recover photos from corrupted memory stick storage. For those who are uncertain as whether their files are indeed recoverable the trial version of this powerful software allows one to locate and recover files before making a purchase. Final recovery by saving the recovered files does require purchase.

Digital photo recovery on the Mac platform

While very often one can recover digital photos that have been deleted from a camera SD card using any type of computer that has downloaded onto it a photo recovery program, Mac digital photo recovery is far more possible and efficient when using proprietary Mac recovery software. When your digital camera takes a picture it stores the file information of that picture in a unique RAW file format. Each camera manufacturer uses a special format expressly for their file types.

If you have accidentally deleted photos from your camera card before successfully completing a download of those photos or if you simply thought you did not want a few digital pictures and then later changed your mind you can almost always recover these digital photographs by scanning the cameras digital storage media with a powerful photo file recovery tool. However if your missing digital photographs have already been transferred onto your Mac Computer your photo recovery can only be completed using Mac recovery software. translations english to german

Clearing out old files for computer disposal

Before you sell your old computer or donate it to a worthy organization make sure to use a drive wipe program on the hard disk of that computer. If you do not completely clean out all of the stored data on the hard disk drive even deleted files can easily be restored and read. That means that all of your credit card transactions, medical records and even personal emails can be found and opened by unwanted parties.

For this reason Remo Software makes powerful file shredder tools. This software is specifically designed to tear apart and scramble either a single file on your computer or the entire disk drive. The drive itself is not harmed it is merely overwritten many times using a random pattern scrambler. Because the files are overwritten in a random pattern there is no way they can ever be reassembled even if one were to use the most powerful data recovery algorithms. While there are many file eraser programs available few such as the Remo Software tool are able to meet the standards set by the United States Department of Defense for destruction of sensitive and secret information.